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Kratom for Performance

This is an opinion piece. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of Quantum Botanicals, LLC.

At Quantum Botanicals, we view kratom as the most amazing supplement to approach the mainstream in generations. I have personally used kratom as an aid, in the gym, for years, and, I believe, my performance has increased. I am able to push through more reps and cardio endurance is less painful. Athletes all over the world believe they are benefiting from kratom's perceived life changing effects.

Here is a very interesting article, with a balanced, interesting view view:

We agree with the end of the article, kratom will not likely remain legal and unregulated. At Quantum Kratom, we want regulation of kratom. We want every kratom consumer, worldwide, to know, 100%, when they buy a kratom product that they are buying pure, 100% unadulterated kratom.

Thanks, Nick English, for compiling all of the information!

*The FDA has not evaluated these statements. Our products are not intended to treat, prevent or cure any disease. Pregnant/nursing women are advised against use. Not for sale to minors.

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