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T-Break Time in Texas!

These statements are for informational purposes. These statements are the personal opinion of the founder and may not represent the views of Quantum Botanicals, LLC.

Hey y'all,

I hope 2020 is off to an amazing start for you.

This week, I am taking a break from kratom. Often referred to as a "t-break," time away from kratom is a great way to reset your tolerance and allow your baseline to return to where it originated. Today is my first full day kratom free since I took my week-long break, in February, last year. I feel great. No undesirable feelings. As the owner of a kratom company, surrounded by product, it is easy for me to access as much as I wish at anytime (yes, yes, of course, be jealous.) I am so incredibly thankful for the incredible benefits kratom has bestowed upon me and I usually consume about 20 grams over the course of a work day, and a little less on the weekends. I'm a green/white vein man, and appreciate the enhanced focus I feel a spoonful gives me. However, just like anything, over the course of time, you see the law of diminishing returns, which is why I choose to take time away from kratom. This is also important for my mental well-being, as some of the anti-kratom matter, on the internet, can challenge one to question their own sanity if not addressed head on. I have always believed that responsible use of kratom has absolutely amazing, life-enriching potential, but I would never close my mind to the potential that others have had a negative experience. I have read about them and I am truly grateful that this is not my experience. I do not personally believe that a negative kratom experience is likely unless it is abused, and I believe the potential for abuse is as low, or lower than, caffeine. Quantum Botanicals, and I, strongly promote responsible, conscious kratom consumption. We want our customers to live amazing, enriched lives.

If you are a regular kratom consumer and don't take T-breaks, I think you should consider them! It's a wonderful reset and I truly enjoy the alternative experience of a kratom free week. It is not without its challenges. My challenges are a difficulty concentrating (which is why I started using kratom) and a bit of trouble getting as good of a night's sleep as I do with kratom. Over the course of time, you get used to things. This first day, I feel a tad unusual, however I feel great. I had a good workout and a good work day. I maintain a healthy lifestyle and I think that helps. I took less and less kratom, over the last few days, which probably helped my body adjust to being completely without. I still feel great, strong and healthy.

I have found that CBD can be a nice alternative, though, in my personal opinion, does not offer the same scope of benefits of kratom. I have also found melatonin and GABA very helpful for getting a good night's sleep. Last year, I did not taper down my use of kratom before taking a tolerance break, and it was a tad more challenging than it has been this year. So, you may consider that.

Anyway, I wish all of you the absolute best in your own personal journeys, whether they be of health, wellness, recovery, fitness or just life! Thanks for reading.

Please, feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


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