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Acknowledging Negative Opions of Kratom

Negative Opinions about Kratom

It is, in fact true, that not everybody loves kratom. In addition to those groups the kratom-community often view as the “enemy,” (big pharm, FDA,) there are in fact, some people who have tried kratom and left with a negative opinion. I read an article, today, about a man that said that kratom “ruined his life.” The most common negative is that many people feel they have become dependent on kratom. Kratom is in the coffee family, so, for some, it can certainly become a regular habit. I have read personal accounts, of people who regret introducing kratom into their lives, stories of people using 3 teaspoons at a time, multiple times a day.. In reading these stories, however, I have usually found that these people have struggled with substance abuse throughout their lives. Case in point, the man that claimed kratom “ruined his life” struggled with crippling alcoholism, and chose to turn back to alcohol in order to turn away from kratom. To me, that seems like there is simply a disorder, but, to this man, it is his reality, and I sympathize. With cases like these in mind, we, at Quantum Kratom, do our absolute best not to push our products on people. We will never steer people toward our products as a "cure" for ANYTHING. We simply wish to offer a product we love, inform people and allow them to make their own decisions. We will never boldly exclaim that kratom is not addictive, nor would we ever boldly claim that is a solution to addiction. We respect everybody’s opinion, even when it differs from ours. What we set out to do, is provide a high-quality, lab tested option for responsible adults that feel like kratom could be beneficial in their lives. As for me, the founder, I firmly believe that kratom has been beneficial in my life.

My belief in, and passion for this relatively unknown plant is what led to the creation of this company. While, admittedly, my intake did increase a little bit, over the course of my first year, it has remained stable, ever since. I have used kratom for five and a half years at the time of this article. For me, I believe the benefits to be increased focus and well-being. I also believe it helps me push through strenuous exercise, and I feel like it relieves some of the soreness associated with weight-lifting and other activities. In my experience, kratom has served as a wonderful supplement in an overall healthy lifestyle and has inspired more frequent exercise and a vast reduction in alcohol consumption. I feel awesome.

I believe in it, and we, at Quantum Kratom,believe in it. But, it is totally OK that some people do not. Not everything is for everyone, and we would never deny another person’s experience. We favor regulation and continued steps to ensure that all products sold as kratom, are, in fact kratom. We favor the freedom of adults to research and make their own life decisions. We are very grateful for those who make the free choice to choose our brand. Thank you.

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