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Opinion piece: kratom breaks, dependence and health.

These statements are for informational purposes. These statements are the personal opinion of the founder and may not represent the views of Quantum Botanicals, LLC.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Our products are not intended to treat, prevent, or cure any disease. Pregnant/nursing women are advised against use. Not for sale to minors.

Hey y'all,

If you've kept up, you'll know that I am just rounding out a tolerance break, where I do not take kratom for a week, and I wanted to share some candid insight and opinion.

First and foremost, I firmly believe in kratom can and should be a hugely beneficial and safe supplement. My most sincere wish is that our products will serve to enrich the lives of those that choose to use them. I am so grateful for the role they play in my life. I am a regular consumer of our products. I have been a kratom consumer for six years now, and have almost exclusively consumed Quantum Kratom products since founding our company in 2017. I do occasionally try products from other vendors which only confirms what I already know: our leaves are the best. So why stray?

That being said, I have read stories and met people who have said they have had trouble quitting kratom, when they wanted to, so I absolutely want our customers to be aware that that may be a possibility for some people. Of course, this is more likely if you take concentrated or adulterated kratom. Please, always choose a vetted brand. According to studies, kratom has a very similar addiction profile as coffee/caffeine. Those who need their morning cup of coffee can relate, and we want to be 100% forthright in acknowledging what the studies have shown so that customers can be mindful. We urge our customers to consult with a physician before use and also to, please, be responsible. Serve your own best interests. If you feel like kratom is no longer serving you, please, do what is best for you. Whether you consume kratom or not, remember to drink lots of water.

I have experienced kratom as beneficial for ADD symptoms and for enhancing my fitness regiment by easing the pains that come with working out. I truly enjoyed embracing those ADD symptoms again while on T-Break though. I find myself on email, then playing guitar, then asking my wife a question, then seeing if I remember how to draw a football. Good fun, but not ideal for running my business. I'm grateful for my relationship with kratom and the focus I feel from it, but I also truly enjoy the shift that occurs in my mentality during a nice break. I find myself enjoying different music, and having a rekindled interest in certain things, which is cool. I enjoy embracing other aspects of myself and believe balance is important.

My wife also loves kratom, but she has not been consuming it for months, because she is pregnant with a baby boy. As the studies on kratom are way too new to ensure safety, we strongly recommend that pregnant/nursing women abstain from kratom.

For some, a break, or path away from kratom, much like caffeine, may be challenging, especially if you have become used to using it daily. In order to make a break more comfortable, I personally decrease my consumption by about 10%-20% per day as I get closer, giving myself more and more time in between. Since liquids have higher alkaloid concentrations, I eliminate those before a break. For me, the most difficult thing is that my sleep pattern gets thrown off. I've always had a bit of a restless leg, and, I feel, that kratom has also put that at ease, but when on break, it comes back. I found a nice, homeopathic medicine called "Restful Leg," by Hyland's at Walgreens. That, GABA supplements and CBD oil were all nice for resting, but my body still went back to "musician time." Admittedly, for focus, I was drinking more caffeine during the day, which likely contributed to later hours as well. One thing I have always liked about kratom is that I believe it to offer me focus without keeping me awake if I don't want to be awake. I also take creatine, which is believed to be very beneficial for brain function, as well as multi-vitamins. To me, kratom is a part of a healthy, active lifestyle.

I share my own personal experiences in hopes they can inspire other consumers to do research and make decisions that serve their well-being. These opinions are not advice. I believe in autonomy and the right of individuals to make educated decisions. If you ever have any questions, about our products, or kratom in general, please, feel free to reach out to me:

Again, our products are not intended to treat, prevent, or cure any disease.

Thank you so much for reading this. I am so grateful for this company and our customers. Have a rad day.


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