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When I founded Quantum Botanicals, in early 2017, I was inspired to bring the absolute finest kratom to the health and fitness communities. To this day, the majority of people I speak with have never even heard of kratom. In a nutshell, kratom is a cousin of the coffee plant, an evergreen that grows in southeast Asia and has been consumed regionally, for hundreds of years. Kratom leaves contain alkaloids, much like coffee beans contain caffeine and these leaves are often brewed as tea or capsuled. Because I found kratom to be so beneficial in my own life, I wanted to share it with the world. I knew the journey would be a bit difficult. We face challenges of misunderstanding and often well-intended, negative media. In spite of these challenges, I am grateful to travel this road along with a talented, growing team.

At Quantum Botanicals, our vision of kratom’s future is in the health, fitness and holistic retail locations of the United States and world. We are very grateful for the operators who already serve the kratom community, but we see potential far beyond where we are. A massive, and growing number of health, fitness, and intellectual enthusiasts have already implemented kratom into their routine, some claiming increased energy and ability to perform high-intensity tasks and some claiming potential for relief from muscle soreness and minor aches/pains. This community tends to believe different strains of kratom have different properties. Wellness enthusiasts are now demanding high-integrity vendors. We believe this trend will continue.

Kratom has faced some very real challenges. In 2016, due to much misinformation, adulteration of products and unfortunate branding (see Krypton) the DEA announced intent to make kratom a schedule 1 drug (ie ban it.) A period of comment was opened and the kratom community spoke the truth, told their stories and the intent was overturned. This was unprecedented! The DEA listened and kratom is still legal, with a few regional exceptions. The community is very grateful. After the ‘16 reversal it seemed as though the struggle may be over and kratom had been accepted. The tides of change move slowly though, and kratom continues to face scrutiny. At Quantum Botanicals, we are dedicated to perseverance and we are unwavering in our commitment to sharing kratom’s potential with the world. We are thankful for the opportunity to do so.

At present, many mainstream retailers choose not to carry kratom products in their locations. It may take time, perhaps decades, to overcome the misunderstanding and to recover from the damaging effects of certain companies that have intentionally adulterated kratom and/or been careless in their branding, claims and packaging, but we intend to do our part to help. We strive to be honest and accountable in our pursuits.

The challenges are many. Natural supplements do not have a history of being warmly greeted by the big pharmaceutical companies (see DSHEA act) and we do not doubt that those companies’ influence on the FDA is powerful. If you doubt this, please consider the employment history of the current commissioner of the FDA, including (but not limited to) as a member of GlaxoSmithKline’s product investment board. Commissioner Scott Gottlieb has a history with “Big Pharm.” While we very sincerely appreciate the efforts of the FDA to provide sound protection and advice, we do not doubt that there is high potential for outside influence, unintentional or otherwise. Our duty, as citizens, is to ensure that the entities that serve us are always doing so in our best interest. Our hope and belief, at Quantum Botanicals, is that, as scientific studies continue to demonstrate the safety of kratom, the agencies that serve us will pay attention. We hope and believe kratom will eventually settle into its rightful place among the celebrated plants of the world, alongside its cousin, coffee. We avidly support the American Kratom Association (,) and other advocacy groups, in their efforts to advance scientific study. We embrace their saying, “Follow The Science.”

While we, at Quantum Botanicals, understand and celebrate the potential of kratom in the recovery community, we strongly encourage those who struggle with drug-addiction to seek professional help and counseling. If kratom can help you on your journey to health and wellness, that is wonderful, but we do not and will not ever claim that our product is a cure or suggest it as such. If you are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, please seek professional help.

We, at Quantum Botanicals, also advise that kratom is a cousin of the coffee plant, and may have similar habit-forming potential. I, the founder, gratefully use kratom almost every day, celebrating white and green strains’ potential for enhancing workouts and productivity. I am also a long term coffee drinker. I make those decisions because I believe they are safe and because the benefits of doing so, in my opinion, outweigh the potential negatives. As with anything, we ask that our customers carefully consider their personal choices. Please consult with a medical professional before making decisions about your diet, exercise and supplementation routine.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit this article and learn more about kratom and our brand. At Quantum Botanicals, we celebrate and defend the benefits of kratom and we will soon be introducing other botanicals to the community that we serve and love. We are very grateful for the customers and retailers that support our business as well as all the health and wellness professionals that already espouse the benefits of the plants we so firmly believe in. Thank you!

Jeremy Steding, founder

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Learn more about the American Kratom Association:

Side Note:

These days, many people use Wikipedia as their primary source of information. With rare exception, Wikipedia is a crowd-source of information. This is NOT the case for kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa.) Currently, Wikipedia does not allow third-party additions to this page, and therefore, the article is, undoubtedly, biased. Steps are being taken to address this. We hope and believe that this policy will change, as science continues to prove the safety of kratom, in its natural form. We are especially grateful for the University of Florida. and their ongoing kratom research. For access to multiple studies, on kratom, please visit:


The FDA has not approved kratom as a dietary supplement. Our products are NOT intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease. We do not make any medical claims or offer any advice. Our products are only for sale to legal adults, 18 and over. 21 and over where applicable. Pregnant/nursing women are advised against use. Purchaser takes full responsibility for any use or misuse of our products. According to studies, kratom may be about as habit-forming as coffee. This information is offered for research purposes only:

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