Thank you for a wonderful 2019

Hey y'all,

Just a quick note to wish you a Happy New Year and to let y'all know that we appreciate you very much! Thank you so much to our vendors, our customers, and the rad people, in the kratom community who are sharing positive truths and leading the charge of progress. 2019 was an amazing year for Quantum Botanicals, and for me personally. I'm so very grateful.

My son, Jack, turned 4 years old this year, and my wife and I moved into a part of Austin that we really love. I traveled to Indonesia, spent some time with leaders from the American Kratom Association, and spent time with the wonderful providers of our plant. I visited the tiny village where the plants are harvested and took a few days to relax in the Island Paradise of Bali! I got to spend time with the family of our primary Indonesian source and visit the kind people in their warehouse.

Our facility, in Austin, has been growing, and we are so grateful. I am so very thankful for August, my Vice President, Drew, my chief production man and capsule master, Nick, the powder master, and all of the part timers who keep the machine running; Kris, Sabrina, Brennan, thank you!

I hope you had an amazing 2019 and that you have plans, in place, for an even better 2020!

Thank y'all so much for everything, myself and our team are truly grateful!


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thank you so much

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